The zero-cost restaurant initiative offering benefits that are priceless

Sustainable practices aren’t just a trend, they’re a movement that’s transforming the hospitality industry. Consumers are speaking with their wallets and supporting businesses that use locally-sourced ingredients and other sustainable practices to minimize their environmental footprint.

The hospitality industry has a problem …

Did you know commercial kitchens often use a whopping 10 times the energy of a commercial building?

In the UK alone, 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced as a result of food waste.  That’s equivalent to taking 7,220,216 flights from London to Sydney.  Yes, that’s right, restaurants carry a massive carbon footprint.

The effect this has on the environment is unsettling.  Sustainability is of such importance that the UK parliament recently declared a climate emergency as a result of protests across the country.

From food miles to the emission-heavy livestock industry, collectively tackling restaurant sustainability is vital to meeting the United Nations’ target of limiting temperature changes resulting from global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Becoming sustainable is no longer an option, but a necessity—not only to align with the values of consumers but to stay competitive in an industry that’s under ever increasing scrutiny.

Let’s be part of the solution, together …

Intuitive ePOS and our partners Lightspeed take sustainability seriously, as well as your business growth.  That’s why, in 2017, they partnered with the United Nations Environment partner, Green Earth Appeal, to create the Carbon Free Dining environmental certification programme. Carbon Free Dining’s goal is to counterbalance the environmental impact of your meals at zero cost to your restaurant while helping put an end to poverty.

How does it work?

The Green Earth Appeal’s partners plant a life-changing fruit tree in the developing world for every bill you process.  That’s right, simply by dining at your restaurant, diners can help the environment and communities in developing countries.  Every tree planted helps provide a future for communities living in abject poverty, helping achieve the United Nations goal of eradicating poverty by 2030.

The economic benefits for these communities are far-reaching.  As well as employment opportunities, fruit from the trees provides vital nutrition for families and much-needed food for their livestock.  Moreover, they can sell the fruits at local markets, which also helps stimulate their local economy.

So far, the partnership between Lightspeed and Carbon Free Dining has resulted in over 200,000 planted trees.  And now, Intuitive ePOS have joined forces with the aim of rolling out this life changing project to restaurateurs the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

How Does Your Restaurant Benefit?

As well as FREE state-of-the-art Restaurant Management software from Lightspeed, Carbon Free Dining provides it’s partners with a full digital marketing solution as it’s in everyone’s interest that you have increased diner numbers.  There is also a whole host of other benefits for your business…

– Welcome social media videos on launch and when milestones are reached eg 5000/10000 trees planted.

– A landing page on the Carbon Free Dining website, with information about the restaurant and partnership, tree counter for your website, certificate and back-link eg

– We’ll shoot a high quality promotional video for your venue.

– Social media posts on relevant days eg World Pizza Day.

– Environmental award nominations.

– Happier diners as more and more people are drawn to sustainable and ethical businesses.

– A chance to be part of something that is saving the planet and ending poverty and have your venue and brand associated with such positivity.

How can you get involved?

If you’re interested in getting your restaurant involved in this initiative, just click here and submit the form to get on the fast-track to getting Carbon Free Dining certification by the Green Earth Appeal. If your restaurant qualifies for certification, you receive Lightspeed Restaurant software free of charge.

For more information on Carbon Free Dining, click here.

Intuitive ePOS in Partnership with Carbon Free Dining and Lightspeed.

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